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Estrogen Treatment

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Many women find that estrogen replacement therapy, when combined with progesterone (and, in many cases, testosterone) can reduce or eliminate a variety of symptoms associated with various illnesses.  The most common reason that women come to our clinic seeking estrogen replacement therapy is that they are suffering from the symptoms of menopause or perimenopause.

When we recommend estrogen replacement therapy, progesterone therapy, or testosterone therapy to our female patients, we don’t focus solely on reaching predefined levels of hormones.  Instead, we work to bring those levels back into balance. We also target improvement of symptoms as a goal of therapy. Every person has different levels of hormones in their body, just as every person has a different fingerprint.

Our Estrogen Therapy Protocol

Estrogen therapy is safe when Bio-identical estrogen is used.  We only use Bio-Identical Estrogen.  Synthetic hormones can cause serious side effects like breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke.  Prescribing estrogen without progesterone is dangerous. We always prescribe these hormones together. We also include measures to balance other vital hormones like DHEA, testosterone, thyroid, and cortisol.  You need more than one type of estrogen. We use a compounding pharmacy to create a bi-est formula containing estradiol and estriol. This delivers a gentler, safer, more effective therapy.  The safest and most effective way to take estrogen is topically.  Very small changes in dosage can make a big difference in how you feel. We personalize your dosages based on your lab tests and your symptoms.  Your estrogen therapy will include routine monitoring via lab testing to ensure that your hormones are in balance and your symptoms are alleviated.

Androgen Treatment

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Testosterone is best known as an essential male sex hormone, but it’s more nuanced than its reputation suggests.

A woman’s ovaries and adrenal glands produce about 20 times less testosterone than a man’s testes. Yet from bone health to fertility, testosterone influences female health just as much as estrogen and progesterone. It’s the preconceived notions about testosterone that lead most of us to fear testosterone therapy for women rather than embrace it.

The truth is that testosterone works intricately with other hormones in the female body to create a strong and powerful core infrastructure. The benefits of testosterone aren’t merely frills like decor and artwork; they’re the foundation and frame of the body you call home.

Testosterone… Not Just for Men

Testosterone is one of the first hormones to decline as women enter perimenopause.  Low sex drive is one of the most common complaints we hear from women with low testosterone. Testosterone provides the fuel for your sex drive.  Women with insufficient testosterone will have a difficult time building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Depending on the blood values of these two brother hormones, we will determine if one or both of these hormones will be necessary for a patient to administer. Take the next step by contacting our office today at 847.672.9439 for further information.

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Any female over the age of 30 is already experiencing a decline in hormone levels. By 40 years old most females are experiencing a substantial decrease in hormones and by the age of 60 many will probably have lost 75% of the hormones that their body produced and still needs.  Improve your quality of Life and…

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